Sunday, August 31, 2008

Partial Draft Thesis

The Partial Draft Thesis is due this Friday (Sept 5th)

I've written most of this up, I probably just have a couple of more days work to put into it before I can get back to the actual development side of things.

The core of the draft will be as follows:

Chapter 2: Background
  • i) Current i18n via Message Sources & JSTL
  • ii) OpenACS solution, ACS-Lang Package, Message Key Translation Interface
  • iii) Google-Translate-Java-API
  • iv) Encoding
  • v) Databases
  • vi) Translation Management Services/Applications
Chapter 3: Own Work
  • MessageTag Extension - Spring.TLD
  • Sessions - login with 'translator mode'
  • XML I/O
  • Error messages
  • Consider Tiles for layout ability

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