Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First Meeting - More Direction!

Went and had a meeting with my supervisor today to try and get my head around the topic a bit further.

The issue I had was that I had done some introductory research and could already see some solutions to the problem and wasn't really sure how I could come up with my own unique solution.

At present, any Spring based java app has to have the XML hardcoded by language. This means that the coder has to develop the translation or a translator gets sent the XML but isn't able to see the components in the context of the site. There is no actual UI in place.

A contrasting solution is that of ACS-Lang where the site has a 'translator mode' and the text can be marked up live via the web. This solution also allows for comments which can be useful to handle context.

An example is that someone might translate the French for 'partner' to English 'mate' and whilst accurate most Australians would probably misinterpret the meaning. The comment ability provides the ability for feedback.

Ultimately I need to build a Spring solution UI that provides similar functionalties to the OpenACS solution.

Result of meeting:

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